Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I do if I’ve had a disaster in my home or business?

Click here to read our checklist and tips of what you should do after a disaster.


Who is The Fretwell Group?
A third generation, family owned and operated business since 1947, specializing in residential and commercial property damage restoration resulting from natural disasters including severe storms, wind, fire, water, smoke and mold damage as well as everyday accidents that result in property claims or needed repairs.


What does The Fretwell Group do?
Residential and Commercial disaster restoration–any service to return the property back to the original condition.


Why should I use The Fretwell Group ?
We have over 60 years of history and experience in our specialty field. Licensed, insured and guaranteeing customer satisfaction for all services provided. We work hand-in-hand with your adjuster and bill the insurance company using their Xactimate property claims software, leaving nothing to chance or misunderstanding.


How do I contact The Fretwell Group?
By Email:

By Phone:  770-658-9994

On-site disaster repair teams are ready to respond when needed. Give us a call and we will secure the property