What to do if you have a disaster in your home or business

If you have a disaster in your home or business:


  1. Call your insurance agent immediately if you are filing a claim. If not, let us know when we arrive.should-i-know-fire
  2. Call us to meet with you to secure any immediate damage to your property. Notify your agent that you have selected a company to handle the repair services, The Fretwell Group.
  3. Give us the insurance company name, agent and phone number. We will begin coordinating immediately.
  4. The Fretwell Group, works directly with the insurance carrier from this point. You are responsible any deductible(s) on your home or business policy.
  5. If you are not filing an insurance claim, you will be billed directly.



Big or small, we can handle your property claim 

Fire Smoke 
Wind Water
Lightning Mold, Mildew 
Rotted wood


Safety Measures

  • Act quickly. It will limit your losses.
  • Everyone in your home or business should know emergency contact numbers (fire, police, power company)
  • Insurance Agency claim contact number should be posted
  • Make sure critical documents are in a safety deposit box or any metal box that you can get to quickly in an emergency.
  • If the damage is where you are not safe in your home or business, secure doors, notify the police and alarm company and take valuables with you.
  • Practice an emergency plan. If everyone knows what to do, an emergency situation confusion minimized.



Document and Inventory property.
Recent records will greatly help your claims process. Use both pictures and written records.